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    Finding Your Way to Health ~ Healing is A Journey – A Way of Life.

Finding Your Way to Health ~ Healing is A Journey – A Way of Life.

Begin Today ~ to Repair-Renew-Rejuvenate  
Making the choice to grow and heal, rather than to age into chronic diseases, is a decision we each make in our lives.
Your intuitive Self is always there with you, watching and helping as you move through your hectic daily life.
Some refer to this as Inner-Wisdom or the Great Healer with which we are each born.
The life energy is called many different names:  life force energy, soul, life essence,  Chi,  Ki, or God are just a few.
This healer within is the Inner Self that is assisting and protecting as we make decisions in life.
Symptoms Our Health Communicators
Symptoms are the language spoken by the Inner Healer; whether these are physical health related or mental anxiety depends on where our disruptions are happening and the stage of our life and healing journey.
For me, deciding to pursue a PhD in Natural Health was the best direction to empower my personal health and healing goals.
I began my college career at 40 years of age.  I began with learning about children’s developmental stages and then women’s concerns is where my studies continued ending with a degree in Women’s Studies. Furthering my academic career with a Bachelors Degree in Developmental Psychology in human development gave me an overview of one’s health also . Then to add to my knowledge base I found it important to find out how we progress and develop in communication skills  by obtaining my Masters Degree in Communication.
With my own aging process moving forward I knew  I needed to know how and where does ill-health and chronic disease come from and why doctors insisted on putting a label to these symptoms thereby trying to find a disease or two for me. […]

Building Health – With Dietary Choices

Doctors of the Future – Here Now
“The doctor of the future will treat (her) his patients with proper diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  Thomas A. Edison revealed this long ago as the best way for healing and health promotion. 
Food IS Medicine
By making a choice to eat organic and seasonal vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens you are assisting in building health, in cell repair and renewal as these foods replenish one’s mind, body, spirit, and environment.
  Medicine that has healthy side effects!
Try introducing yourself to a new vegetable or fruit this spring. There will be many varieties to choose from in your grocery store or local farmers’ market.
Eating seasonally and consuming more organic foods is important on your healing journey; it is also important to not introduce more chemicals and toxins into your digestive system. “Variety is the spice of life”.
Dr. Elson M. Haas also suggests in his book, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine, that one look to food as a way to rebuild health.
 Be sure when grocery shopping to find the following and include them for your healthy lifestyle choices.
     Produce: fresh and organic is best at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits.
    Starches: Carrots, hard squashes, potatoes, beets, and whole grains should be a minimum of 4 servings a day.
   Calcium:  Include sesame seeds, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. If tolerated some dairy can be included, especially non-sugared yogurts and Kefir products.
   Proteins: cooked legumes, fish, sprouted legumes or seeds, eggs, nuts, poultry, lamb, beef or pork (less or no meats) some leafy greens for 2 to 3 servings.
   Oils: olive, safflower, flax-seed, sunflower, and canola are the best choices. […]

Environment – Within and around us.

You & Your Environments-Healthy Promoting Ideas

Much of your  environment is comprised of the air you breathe, your house, your work place, the products you put on your body, the water you use to shower, cook, and drink, and the world in which we live.

The World Health Organization describes our environment as “aspects of the human health and disease that are determined by factors in the environment.”

Look at the areas of your personal environment that you can control and choose healthy choices for your own health promotion.

Choose these daily, and the will become a new, natural part of your environment.

Some of these choices are obvious: others are a bit more hidden, so to examine a few of the areas one should look at the foods and liquids ingested on a daily basis.

Organic and local foods give you the chance to know what types of chemicals or pesticides are used in their production, of course it’s best if you know the farmer or start a garden where you are able to grow some of your own foods. For fun and further information regarding local and seasonal eating to promote your health and healing journey, check out the site:

Drinking water throughout your day is a simple way to implement healthy lifestyle practices. Using filters for drinking water promotes quality liquid to keep hydrated and healthy.

Body care products and their contents can either help or cause damage to skin and health. By reading the labels and choosing only those that contain natural ingredients, and not the heavy preservatives that are common in some commercial products, you are making a wise health decision.

For more information on how to reduce the risks to your health and explore helpful ways to […]

A Natural Tranquilizer – Breath

Calming the nervous system naturally!

Taking a few deep breaths in and slowly allowing the air to expel is a natural way to calm the nervous system. The process of breathing can allow stress to be relieved and emphasize the connection of mind, body, and spirit to the universal life force energy; balance and harmony are then more easily acquired.  By using this technique several times throughout your day it can become an easy part of your healing process, promoting calm interludes throughout the day. 

              Uniting Healing & Breathing to bring Peace in your Day!

Perhaps not surprisingly, holistic breathing practices are part of the ancient wisdom of one’s spiritual connections to the healing process itself, as well as the connections of mind, body, spirit, and the environment.  The word ‘spirit’ comes from the Latin word: spiritius,” it means breath, and healing, and is understood to be available as a way to unite healing and breathing.

You promote healing by learning the many natural holistic techniques that are available.

Increasing awareness of your  connection to breathing and spirituality (or universal energy), and learning to use the lungs and muscles more efficiently, there is further assistance  in your  healing journey.

The rhythmic flow of air brings in the Universal Chi allowing for a quiet healing response to assist the mind, body, and spirit connection. The familiar breathing pattern, which consists of quick short breaths in and out especially when stressed, causes physical tension and then breathing is used improperly. This prevents the balance of nourishing and  life-enhancing movement of oxygen into cells.

Many people need to re-learn the breathing process of infancy by filling the abdomen with air, holding for a second, and then producing a slow, long exhale to allow […]

Take a Few Moments Each Day~ Find Your Balance

Self-empowerment in Health-Care is Self-care

Using the technique stop-look-listen, will enable you to find the priorities in your life and rearrange them when necessary.

A few moments taken daily to stop, look, and listen will help to begin your healing journey.

Stop – Take a moment to discover

What is your present health goal?

What can you do to assist in achieving your goal?

How is your health now?

Look – Take a moment to congratulate yourself.

Give yourself a hug – You are Special.

Create time for you, “me time” can be little moments to recharge.

What direction do you need to go now toward wellness?

Listen – Take a quiet moment to listen to your Inner Healer

Ask where you are on your healing path?

Examine your health goals –establish your plan.

Finding balance and harmony in life is gained through examining the connections of mind, body, spirit, and environment in your daily routines.

And then making a plan, call for more information today.

The 3 R’s of Healing: Repair-Restore-Renew

Discovering the power of Self through the use of the mind in your journey of healing.

Learn new healthy habits  to take action and make plans for your  future.

To begin your plan  look to the mind, body, spirit, and the environment your are living in today.

To implement natural health and self care uses a holistic view of health and healing for the road to optimum health.

Repairing, Renewing, and Relaxing

To support and empower people on the path to health the use of guided-imagery helps to quiet the chatter of the mind and focus on repairing, renewing, and relaxing. Martin L. Rossman, MD has been helping people in this area since 1982 and became the founder of

By going within and using the mind to access the Inner Healer of Wisdom it is possible to heal from within.

Learn to relax, to discover the healing place within, and to obtain helpful hints to promote your healing.

The overly busy life styles of today do not allow one to automatically take time to relax and recharge. You need to ‘make a plan’  in your day for this important natural method.  To learn this technique begin with a small amount of private time  to stop and listen to the easy direction of  Andrew Weil, MD & Martin L. Rossman MD  in Self-Healing with Guided Imagery, How to Use The Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Body, a set of cds to help learn this process.

Healing from Within

The mind-body connection is able to assist to slow down and take a few moments a day to know the importance of quiet reflexive time, to be able to take the time to communicate with your cells to begin to repair and restore […]