Walking & Biking

Moving  is an activity that most  humans do each day. Whether one refers to this  formally as exercises  for  health promotion  or enjoyment of  gardening and walking each day,  this is a lifestyle choice  that is necessary to support one’s health and healing.

Using various activities of moving throughout your day is  a way to assist the heart and lymphatic system to implement  better circulation, the  nervous system to find calmness, and to assist digestion.  When you  get up and move you are  making a healthy lifestyle choice.

A great activity for moving about is to get yourself, and children, involved in gardening. Healthy foods and excercise.

Or choose fun activities like dancing, swimming, or  learn Tai Chi as a more gentle way to help with healing and health promotion in your daily life.  These can become a social or an individual pursuit, whichever works for your life.

The health empowering idea is to get up and move.

Water Aerobics can be a fun way to help unwind and strengthen the breath.

Tai Chi

There are many DVDs or classes both on line and perhaps in your area (i.e.YMCA) that can help you to learn this gentle way of moving the body and assisting in your healing process.

Here is a link to certified instructors  for easy Tai Chi movements for all ages. This is a quick video to introduce you to a simple movement for balance and better health.

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNtWqDxwwMg   or     http://taichihealthproducts.org/

When the human body is active with movements that are enjoyed the health benefits can be amazing, and the healing process is assisted , for example, from  the joy of  dance.  Freedom of moving can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Researchers have been informing us for years that […]