Prevention a path to stop cancer before it occurs.

Prevention of cancers starts with a healthy immune system and the lymphatic system being able to rid the tissues of toxins that can accumulate.  Using foods for prevention and health promotion.

What are you doing to create and promote your healthy Self?  Start a Healing and Health Plan today.
By concentrating on a healthy diet one can help the body in its efforts to heal itself, and in some cases, particular foods can lessen the risks of serious illness.
According to Andrew Weil, MD here are a few excellent ways to help reduce your risk of cancer.

Dr. Weil gives suggestions to help discover healthier food choices at           
Avoid polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, all partially hydrogenated oils and all foods that might contain trans-fatty acids (such as deep-fried foods).
Increase omega-3 fatty acid intake by eating more cold-water oily fish, freshly ground flax-seed and walnuts.
Reduce consumption of animal foods and try replacing them with plant-based foods; kale, spinach, collard greens, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables.
Use hormone-free, organically produced products whenever possible.
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and beans and lentils are loaded with cancer-fighting fiber and healthy protein.
Eat shiitake, enokidake, maitake and oyster mushrooms frequently.  

Drink green tea daily.
For even more nutrition tips Dr. Pepi can be found at                
Find out which foods have less chemical residue by looking to the Environmental Working Group Organization at

Environmental causes of breast cancer!

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“A growing body of evidence from experimental, body burden and ecological research indicates that there is a connection between environmental factors and breast cancer. There are over 85,000 synthetic chemicals on the market today, from preservatives in our lipstick to flame retardants in our sofas, from plasticizers in our water bottles to pesticides on our fruits and vegetables.”

What is in your environment that you can eliminate that may be causing health issues?
Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer & Promote Your Knowledge and Health Empowerment!

Waking the Warrior Goddess, Harnessing the power of nature & natural medicines to achieve extraordinary health,  by Dr. Christine Horner. She offers information  to protect against and fight breast cancer that promotes an individual’s knowledge and power.
To see Dr. Horner’s suggestions where she shares many easy ways to implement changes and to promote healthy breast tissue.
Find out which foods have less chemical residue by looking to the Environmental Working Group Organization
The most common question asked when discussing breast health and cancer prevention

What can I do to prevent breast cancer?   
Life style choices and changes are at the top of the list to promote health and healing.

Dr. Susan love explains some of the science research known on  her web sites;                              
There is nothing that you can do to ensure that you absolutely do not get breast cancer. However, many studies suggest that some lifestyle choices may help reduce breast cancer risk.

Build Health
The Gold standard suggestions to build health also help with building healthy breast tissue and strong immune systems and include:
Eating a healthy diet that is low in animal fat and high in whole grains and fruits and vegetables, for many a plant based diet is the best.

Taking  a good grade multivitamin and make sure it includes adequate folic acid is a start.
Having your children before 35, when and if you have a choice.
Breastfeeding your children can be helpful.
Avoiding unnecessary X-rays helps too.
If you choose to drink alcohol, make sure you take folic acid when you do drink.
If necessary begin a plan to lose weight (if you are overweight).
Trying to not gain weight after menopause, watch your eating habits.
Getting regular exercise is helpful for health and furthers healing process.
Further Dr. Horner suggests that if it is used at all, using hormone therapy to treat menopausal symptoms for the shortest time period necessary.

Happy Phluffing for Breast Health

Phluffing  for breast health, “Cheryl is a breast health advocate & teacher & lectures on breast health nationally and  author of THE HAPPY BREAST BOOK and the creator of “PHLUFF THE GIRLS” for good breast health.”
Cheryl Chapman, R. N. provides some practical helpers for promoting healthy breast tissue massage. Nurse Chapman details her instructions to help activate the body’s immune system to help circulate lymph fluid to destroy cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, toxins, and water material

Additional questions  include;           Should I wear a bra?          Do I need to wear a bra all of the time?

Dr. Pepi web page on breast support relates research and answers to these questions and more.

Check this site for further information on wearing a bra at night for sleeping and the importance of buying a well fitting bra for daytime wear.                            

NOW is time to learn what you can do to build your health with your daily lifestyle choices.
For more cancer prevention ideas;

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has Food for Life Cancer Project at how to implement the nutrition rainbow.  nutrition education and research to help advance cancer prevention.

Examine your Mind-Body-Spirit & Environment

Find the health promoting ways for You to create a stronger immune system and put wellness in your daily life.

Dr. Smith suggests start today! Make a health plan and begin your lifestyle  changes and choices today.