Is the Pursuit of Perfection – Making You Sick?                           Improve your life journey into Healing & Health Promotion.

When it comes to humans there is some reason that people think there is a perfect way to accomplish something – a task, a life, health, parenting, cooking, shopping, exercising, weight, work chores, etc. etc.
People are making themselves sick over some goal for Perfection!

No Perfect Humans
No Perfect Mother
No Perfect Father
No Perfect Family
No Perfect Country
No Perfect Government
No Perfect Health
No Perfect World
It is time to STOP with the obsession of Being Perfect!

In the learning and sharing of being humans one is able to move into and through the healing process.

Choosing healthy life style ways for mind, body, spirit, and environment allows for the care of self.

Your everyday choices allow you to begin again each time you awake. Not for perfection – For health

That is the joy of life-the treasure of a new day!



Health Is Not Perfection or Magic

The Quest for perfection-is it killing us?  The Stress of Perfectionism.

“As humans, we mature by encountering resistance. We learn by making mistakes. True beauty only becomes visible in relation to the proverbial beauty spot. We become unique through our little flaws, not through a quest for perfection.”–2/6629-the-quest-for-human-perfection


Laughter Can Help

Using laughter to look at life as not perfect is something Andrew Weil, MD suggests putting joy in our day.

      Health Empowerment Progresses Through Lifestyle Choices  

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