Patryce A. Smith, PhD.

PhD in Natural Health from Clayton College in 2011, with her dissertation and research work focused on Supporting The Healing Process: The Essential Triad of The Mind, Body, and Spirit.   Environmental Medicine: An Integrative Approach, Certification 2013 University of Arizona.

At Purdue University Dr. Smith received:

Masters Degree in Communication (with a Specialty in Infant and Child Communication)

Developmental Psychology -Bachelor of Arts

Child Development and Women’s Studies-Associate Degrees

Dr. Smith is currently CEO and Founder  of Aha Moments- Intuitive Idea Development, LLC.

Her company’s focus and priority is supporting individual empowerment in the healing process and healthy lifestyle changes.

As a Level III Reiki practitioner and a member of the American Holistic Health Association, Dr. Smith has been able to further her knowledge base of healing practices and techniques.  By encouraging individuals in their healthy lifestyle choices, Dr. Smith  supports you to be better equipped to focus on your  health promotion in your healing journey.

Dr. Smith has worked in various educational and retail positions over the last 45 years while pursuing her educational goals.

Personal self-empowerment and better health promotion.

As a former physical education and pre-school teacher, coach, child advocate, and elder patient caregiver,  Dr. Smith has empowered her process of health and healing and others to learn to implement healthier daily lifestyle choices.

Through her personal health challenges and  many life experiences and teachings you will be able to discover support and your health empowerment through the various holistic-natural health modalities for personal self-empowerment and  health promotion.

Through education and personal choices.

Dr. Smith is presently a holistic natural health consultant; she knows that through education and personal choices much of the present healthcare crisis can be alleviated.

She prioritizes improved daily choices as well as the use of a holistic natural approach regarding the essential areas of mind, body, spirit, & environments in the healing process and building health.

Building, repairing, and creating your health is a lifetime commitment to yourself.


Dr Patryce Smith